Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bohemian Wednesday - 05.26.2010 - Industrial Chic

W henever I think of a bohemian, I think of an artist who lives day to day with passion for what he/she does and their surroundings somehow reflect who they are. Industrial furnishings have a certain look that screams out "artist" to me. Its raw, in your face and simple. I just love it. Throw in an industrial stool or an industrial table into your decor and set a plant on it to soften it up. It'll scream "boho chic". Love it. You can imagine my absolute thrill when I went thrifting this evening and came across an industrial stool and vintage, medical utensils cart. Absolutely awesome. I put some books and an orchid on the stool. That's now in our living room. The table, which has casters, is in our hallway. It has a black rotary phone on it now with a plant beside it. Soooo cute. Okay... I must go now. American Idol is on! Go Crystal! Then... off to bed. I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow!

Happy Decorating!

05.31.2010 UPDATE: Here is a corner in our living room with the industrial stool I found thrifting!! Like? We love it! : )

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ArtSnark said...

ooh sounds great - pictures?

Charles said...

Lovin' industrial, you're in good company with us at TSM... You've probably still got some good photos from our shop of the style. Hint hint :)

Mina said...

I will post some pics here soon of my fab finds. But, I keep forgetting my camera at the shop! grrrr! Charles... I totally agree! You guys have awesome industrial furnishings! I've gotta come by and get some new pics!