Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mommyhood Thursday - 02.09.2012 - Parenting Styles

So... as I enter this new world called "Parenting", I wonder... "how should I parent Savannah? What skills do I need? Should I run to her at every cry and whine? Or do I ignore it for a couple of minutes to see if she'll stop? Am I enabling her to be too dependent? Should she be? Do I let her cry it out or nurture her on demand? Do I feed on demand? Or do I take more control of her feeding times? TV or no TV?" Ay ay ay!! The questions and concerns really are endless! And who's to say what the right answers are? I don't think anyone really knows. I suppose the best thing to do is try things out and stick with what works for me and her. Right? Or... wrong? Ugh. Frustrating.  She's been a really great baby thus far. I mean, she was 5 weeks early and has met all of her milestones along with a full term baby's timeline.  So, that's been wonderful! Just this week she started sleeping through the night! Hurrah! Last night? 10:30 to 6:30 this morning!! : ) But... now... she cries for no apparent reason.  She used to just cry because she needed something (a nappy change, food, a nap...). But this week she just starts to cry and wants to be held more (which I don't mind doing, of course! But then... am I doing it too much??). Oh, the questions.  I guess I'm just on a journey of test after test. I'll test different things out until I can figure out a right way for our family.

A book titled "Bringing Up Bebe" by author Pamela Druckerman was published this week.  It covers the ways of French parenting vs. American parenting.  The reviews claim it looks at French parenting from an American's perspective and puts it in a good, admirable (if not, envious) light.  French kids eat everything, they play alone and they don't interrupt their adult parents when they are in adult conversations.  What?? I want to know the secret of the French!!! So, I'm thinking I will be ordering this book through Amazon stat!

In the meantime, I've gone on a little shopping binge for little S. : ) Nothing too big or extravagant.  Just fun.  I discovered a fabulous little consignment shop yesterday called Sweet Pea Consignment.  They're on Dale Mabry (for those of you located in the Tampa Bay area).  I found really cute footsie pajamas for her, as she is growing out of the ones she has... quickly! But, better yet... I found a set of six hand puppets that I just fell in love with!! But... even better... I paid $10 for all 6 of them! : ) Aren't they fun?

I also spent some time at Barnes & Nobles sipping on a cold skinny mocha and perusing some decor and, of course, parenting books! I came across a cool little book titled "Clever Baby." It's filled with play activities by age level from birth to 24 months. I had to get it! It has wonderful ideas in it. It's totally helpful, because I honestly have been at a loss as to how to play with Savannah. I mean... she's 9 weeks (tomorrow!). She doesn't really play yet. She just kinda stares and sometimes flashes a toothless smile. But, that's about the extent of it.  So, I was thrilled to find this! Plus, it was in the bargain section for $9! Hello!! : ) To give myself a little credit, I've already been "playing" with her in many of the ways suggested by the author! : ) See below...

Making expressive faces is one of the activities. Of course, it helps if she's awake! : )

I also swung by one of my favorite vintage boutiques in the area... Blue Moon... and snagged this fabulous piece for her nursery... 

At the end of the day I went grocery shopping and just couldn't help myself. I had to get one! A Bumbo

I'm not sure she likes it very much.  But, I'm hoping it'll grow on her. We'll see. 

And now... I leave you with her monthly pic! She turned two months today! You can see her monthly progression here

Until tomorrow friends!


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April said...

My babe is almost 6 months old and I still ask myself those questions every single day. Nobody told me I would be second guessing myself every step of the way through this parenthood journey. I decided to do what felt right and natural for ma and "worked" for us as a family. Good luck!