Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Etsy Tuesday - 03.13.2012 - Just So Cute!

orange juice reamer by violet64 - $30

necklace by NotTuesday - $45

wooden bowling pins and ball by SmilingTreeToys - $29

tunic by elizabeth palmer - $65


here's no rhyme or reason to today's Etsy picks. None at all. I suppose if I had to give it a theme... it would be... "Just SOOOO cute!" They are just items that caught my eye. Now if I could just buy them all... that would be saaaaweeeet! But, I will just pass on the information to you all and you can buy them! : ) For yourselves... of course! Not for me... unless you insist and then... well.... I'll be okay with that. : ) 

I hope everyone's Tuesday and week is going well and blessed. Here's a snapshot of my afternoon yesterday.  Lil S has become a lot more alert and wants to know what's going on around her. She also loves being outside and feeling the wind on her face. Just like her momma and poppa. : ) She's such a doll and is becoming so much fun! Can I just say this? I love love loooooove being her mommy! Yes I do! 

Here she is wearing her new hat. 


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