Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mommyhood Thursday - 03.01.2012


hat an absolutely exhausting couple of weeks its been. Wow. I'm so so beat. Super duper happy to be back to work and still being able to pick lil S up early enough to spend half the day with her. But, it is non-stop. I finally understand the term "super mom." I never thought I could shower, feed the dogs, cat and baby in what seems to be all at the same time. Of course, that leaves no time for me to eat. I scarfed down half frozen/ sorta toasted waffles while carrying and soothing the baby this afternoon. Whew! Of course, it's all incredibly worth it and rewarding. Both at work and at home.  Both of which I love so very much.

This afternoon I had lil S learn some words with iPad flashcards. Once she saw me moving the screen with my finger, she started to imitate me! It was pretty awesome!! She was allll smiles for me today. It was wonderful. I felt so special. I love her so much. : ) Until next week all! Tomorrow is Friday!!! Yippee!!!!!



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Mia Joie said...

OMG such a cute baby! I'm sending lots of kisses!