Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mommyhood Thursday - 03.29.2012

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ommy life & work life has found its balance now. I've been back at work for about 6 or 7 weeks now (whoa! How time flies!!) and I'm finally feeling like I've got the hang of it.  It's still pretty challenging to prepare for work (given that I'm not hanging around there prepping for 2-3 hours after work any more).  But, somehow, someway, I am managing fairly well. Thank God. I'm getting up at 4:30 every morning to have breakfast, read and get Savannah fed and dressed.  She then, very compliantly, goes back in her crib while I get myself dressed and ready to go.  I leave home by 5:45 am.  My hubby takes her to her caretaker (who is a wonderful mommy herself and a family friend). I make it to work by 6:45 and quickly get ready for the day before the kiddos get in at 7:30. The day tends to zoom by pretty fast. Next thing I know, it's lunch time and then (poof!) the end of the day at 2pm.  Of course, teachers don't get to take off when the kids do. But, that's okay... it gives me time to prep for the next day and get some grading done and so on.  I pick up the pumpkin by 3:30 and we're home by 3:45. Her caretaker's house is about 3 minutes from ours. It's awesome!! She's now taking about a 45 minute nap when we get home. So, that gives me an opportunity to shower, eat and pin on Pinterest for a bit. : ) But, once she's up... it's play time!! We read, we listen to loads of music on my Pandora app (which I LOVE!!), we take pictures (see... above), she stares at her owl plush and ooohs and ahhhs at it, I dance for her, while she cracks up... and so forth. Next thing I know... it's bath time at 7:30. I lay her in her crib by 8 pm and she soothes herself to sleep in about 10 minutes. Wanna hear the very best part?? She sleeps soundly until 5am when I go in to feed her and dress her... : ) Yes... that makes me a verrrrry happy and rested momma. 

So... if you just read all that... thank you for being such a devoted and attentive reader! That was probably a lot more detail than you needed to know! My point is... she's a really good baby and she works with me and the fact that I have to hold a full time job. She's so good at sleeping and playing and being incredibly good natured. I'm so very blessed. I'm loving this thing called parenting. It's awesome. AWE-some. I'm in awe of her every single day. I feel like I'm experiencing God's miracle every time I'm around her. Especially when she does something new. Today she yawned and made a yawning sound (a big sigh!). It's those little things that make me stand in amazement at what God can do. Simply beautiful. 

Hope your Thursday is fun filled and lovely.

Now... being a mommy has turned me into this...


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