Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Etsy Tuesday - 04.11.2012 - Roomy Bags

by CrazyBoy $45

by Ikabags $79

by nottoc $54

by madebynanna $65


owadays I love any bag that works double duty. Purse and diaper bag. I still haven't transitioned to consolidating the two because I hadn't found a diaper bag that could double as a cute tote bag. So, I find myself toting both, a diaper bag AND my purse. I mean... I love my diaper bag. It's a Petunia Pickle Bottom that is just adorable! But... it can get bulky and too much to carry if I just want to run to the mall for a quick errand. So... I browsed Etsy for some finds and was so happy to find these picks among many other drool worthy ones! Now... I just need to save my pennies! : ( It's gonna take a lot of pennies. But, I can do it!

Hopefully this beautiful April week is treating you all right.  My cough has now turned into a crazy, old lady voice. I called customer service today for the airline I'm flying to see my sis later this year... and I had to apologize to the guy. I was like... "Look. I'm really a girl. I know I sound raspy and weird. But... it's just a cold." Of course, I'm sure he rolled his eyes and thought "okaaaaaaaay." I know. I know. I used to be a customer service phone rep for a large company too. I did the eye roll plenty a times! Aren't you glad you can read my blog and you don't have to listen to it? Whew! Thank goodness! For both you and me!


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