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Mommyhood Thursday - 04.05.2012 - Bringing Up Bebe


know that the blog feels like "Mommyhood Thursday" everyday recently, but I have the "new mommy" excuse! So... super sorry if you've been annoyed and you just come here to look at boho decor tips. I'm trying to incorporate both things into the blog (my tips & my life). It can get a tad tricky to do that seamlessly. But, I'm trying! : )

For today I wanted to discuss a bit about the book "Bringing Up Bebe" by Pamela Druckerman.  I am currently almost half way through the book (which I got through the Kindle app and I looooove this new way of reading books!!). I'm absolutely loving the book and Druckerman's humor and life stories.  I'm also taking avid notes and taking it all in like a hungry beast! I just want to know everything I can get my hands on about being the very best mommy to my lil S as possible! It's funny because in the book, Druckerman discusses how American moms research, research, research! While French moms just kinda "know" this stuff (culturally).  Well, in the research department... I'm definitely the American mom version.  I mean, when lil S was up at all hours of the night (when we first brought her home) I would feed her and research articles on BabyCenter and Babble and The Bump and..... you get the idea. I read up on everything I could get my hands on. But... the funny thing is... I ended up doing the things that I just instinctively "knew" to do.  Interestingly enough, what I did to get her to sleep through the night... is exactly what Druckerman says the French moms do. It's something she calls "The Pause." You wait 5-10 minutes when the baby starts fussing before tending to them. Of course, if they're flat out hysterically crying, you immediately investigate the situation.  But, otherwise, they're probably just transitioning from sleep cycle to sleep cycle or simply soothing themselves to sleep. And you don't want to go in there at every single whimper because you may just end up waking them.... which is what you're trying to avoid. Well.... when I read this... I was a proud mama! Just beaming! I thought... "yes!!! That's what I did and the pumpkin's been sleeping through the night since the second week in February sometime. Her nights are now getting even longer.  Before she was doing 8-4:30 am... now she's doing 8-8 am! : ) Yay!

Now... when I got to the second suggestion... well.... my confidence went down a tad.  She found that one way the French teach their children patience in waiting (which I do want to instill in lil' S) is to feed them only at regular mealtimes (8 am, noon, 4pm(snack) and 8pm). Well! Fail! I've been feeding her "on demand" as so much of my American research turned up! So... I thought... I'd give it a try today. She ate at 8 am and didn't fuss until about 11:30. Not full on crying... just whiny. So, I took the book's suggestion and entertained her (distracted) her for a half hour. Worked like a charm! She was laughing and giggling and next thing I know?? NOON! Yay! Lunch time!!! She compliantly ate and took a nap! Did we make it to 4pm????? Well...we sure did! And... lastly 8pm! She did it!!! So well too! I can't believe I'd been feeding her like 9-10 times a day. Shorter meals of course.  This time they were larger meals. At the end of the day, she ate the same amount of ounces she typically eats. In fact, she ate 2 more ounces than usual! I'll certainly try to keep that up. I mean... to get her used to breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner is amazing! In the book, French moms have this down by 3 months. Lil S is soon to be 4 months next week. Pretty close!

I will keep on reporting on Thursdays on what's working and what isn't.  Parenting... the one topic everyone thinks they're experts on... but truly the one topic no one really, truly understands. Trust me. I get that.  But, taking suggestions and learning as much as possible is also important.

Here are some pics of the week!! Until tomorrow!

The bougainvillea flowers I cut from our front garden and placed on her night stand...

I showed them to her. She looked on with curiosity...

I had it "sing" to her (my voice blaring behind the bunches of flowers) and it made her laugh!


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SummerRose said...

Such a beautiful baby girl you have! Enjoy every moment while there this little, I'm trying to do the same with my 7 month old baby dot as well :)