Friday, November 16, 2012

A Product Review... For You! - 11.16.2012 - MINTED


ave you started thinking about Christmas cards yet? I know... me neither. Until... it hit me. I need to think about it at least a month before Christmas. Why? Because if I don't... Christmas will be here before I know it and then it's too late to send anything out to anyone. I'm especially embarrassed when I start receiving everyone else's cards. Yikes.

Now... this is our first year where we will be a nice little family for Christmas. Granted, last Christmas was officially Savannah's first. But, she was a mere 16 days old and not much fun at all. Neither of us were. She was sleeping the entire time... and I was sleep deprived and definitely NOT fun to be around. At all! This Christmas I'm so excited to not be on bed rest the month before Christmas and have a child to buy cool toys for and be in a much better mood to send out cards. Triple yay!

So! My excitement quadrupled when I got an invite from the uber cool brand, Minted, to review their holiday cards. My response? Of course! Here are some of my favorites and top contenders for this season's cards. I think all of their cards are wonderful, but these stood out to me for how unique they are ...

Tell your family & friends all the nifty stuff you did in 2012! Especially great for those loved ones who live out of town...

Make your mark! Send out a card that represents not only the fam, but the awesome place where you live. Go Tampa!!

Give everyone who receives your awesome card a lil' bit of info about each person in the family. This one is sure to be a favorite!

I'd have to put a picture of Savannah in this one. I'd do the oversized glasses too. Naughty? Nice? Hmnnn... is there a word for both? NauICE perhaps?

Hey... how about a picture of Cocoa and Luke? They're so darned cute, I think they'd be good Christmas card models. I love that the liner in this one's envelope is little dog bones. Soooo cute!

I love the feel of this one. It's so minty fresh and candy cane-y. Right? Adorbs! 

{via: MINTED/Collages by Mina Brinkey}

Please click here to see the rest of MINTED's awesome selection. They not only have cards, but party supplies too, among other goodies.

Have fun finding something awesome!


p.s. This was a sponsored post.

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