Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Looks Tuesday - 11.06.2012 - Holla!! I mean... Colla(r)!!


ollars is where it's at this season.  They are the new, cuter and smaller, scarf... if you will. Granted... in a cold climate you may not have a choice.  But, these statement pieces should find a way into your closet this season is some way, shape or form.  Whether you add it there (to an otherwise boring top) or you buy a top with a built in sequined or beaded collar.  You can either make it yourself (check out this DIY) or you can buy one and add it to your top.  In fact... all of the ones featured in the collage above are from the super cool Etsy shop LAB. Be sure to check them out by clicking here.

Will you be swagging it up with a cool collar? In this Florida "winter" it may just be my best alternative to neck wear! It's 80 degrees outside right now! Ugh. 

Well, I better get going. Thankfully, I've already voted by mail (a couple of weeks back). But, if you haven't done it... what are ya waiting for??? Get out there and make your voice count!

{source: Mina Brinkey}


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