Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mommyhood Thursday - 11.08.2012 - Classy Mama


hope I can be a classy mama to my lil S. I think being a classy mama goes way beyond good hygiene and a killer wardrobe... oh... and incredibly shiny, silky hair.  It goes to the core of that mama. Her values and her beliefs. Is she kind? Giving? Humble? Does she speak good of all? Does she teach her children to be accepting of all? Is she tolerant and understanding? Is she caring... not only of her family (of course), but of all of humanity? These are the qualities I hope to have for my little girl and be a classy mama. What do you think makes a classy mama?


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Idea Interiors Montreal said...

What a good thought. Yesterday was my mom's birthday. She is a woman that I admire for her ability to say what she thinks (taught me that), stand up for herself, (ditto), and a lioness to her kids.

I love this black and white photo - of Jackie O, you can fault her for much but not for her children's upbringing.

You've inspired me to post something about my own mom....I gotta run, blogger is beckoning!