Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mommyhood Thursday - 11.15.2012 - Children @ Thanksgiving


remember being a kid at a pro-adult Thanksgiving party. You know what I'm talking about. The party with all the booze (for the grown ups that is!) and with the super lame-o "kids" table in the very corner. We'd sit there, bored and staring at each other before we warmed up to each other and played the rest of the night.  But, if I were the adult throwing the party, I would at least give the kids table a look that would make it fun to be at. Give those kids something to look forward to!

Now, I'm no DIY expert. Not one bit. But, I AM a master researcher and scavenger of the Internet! Here are my finds on a child's Thanksgiving Day table setting...

Now seriously... who wouldn't want to sit at the kids' table? Huh? Huh? I know. You and me both! So, does anyone have any special plans for Thanksgiving next week? Out of town? Time with the fam? No weight loss plan in sight? I'm with ya on all three. Bam! Bam! Bam! I especially like the third "bam!"... NO DIET! Can I get a whoop whoop for some stuffing??? Oh yeeeeaaaaah!! : ) Okay... enough excitement over the feast I plan to have next week ya'll. 

Until tomorrow!

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