Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heeeeere I Gooooo!!!! - Alt Design Summit 2013 - 01.23.2013

{source: Mina Brinkey}


ep. That's me in there. In that tiny little window by the right wing. I am totally excited to be on an airplane... right now (in the air Internet rocks!!!!) on my way to Alt Summit 2013. I'll be speaking tomorrow morning at 9am on the Getting Past Zero panel with my fellow panel mates Mariah from Oh, What Love; Jessika from Oh My! Handmade Goodness; and Emily from Small Fry. We've been working together over the past couple of months to prepare this presentation for fellow Alt goers and those following the Alt Blog from home. If you'll be there... I do hope you join us. We'll even hug you! How's that? Deal? Deal! 

This is my second time at Alt. So, it's kinda nice to go the second time around with some knowledge on what to expect.  I typically love surprises, but not when it's something like this. I like to feel prepared.  When I attended in 2011, I was a nervous, awkward mess. I was so intimidated by all the fabulousness surrounding me and honestly, I think I didn't enjoy my time there as much as I should have because I let that intimidation and fear get in the way of just letting loose and being myself.  I was just too much of a wallflower, I think.  This time around I'm coming in with an open mind, an open heart and filled with joy, excitement and gratefulness that I get to attend again.  I'm ready to make bloggy friends and have a wonderful time.  

If this will be your first time going... my advice to you is to ward off fear and intimidation.  Everyone started somewhere.  No one there started with instant success and recognition.  So, don't worry. Every single person there can relate to the journey you're on... regardless of where in the journey you happen to currently be.  Smile, be friendly, compliment someone and sit wherever to spark up a convo with someone new.  You may just meet some amazing people with giant hearts of gold. : ) 

On that note, I am going to attempt a nice little cat nap on this flight.  I think we're about to arrive to Minneapolis.  Then... it's SLC!

See you guys tonight or tomorrow! I'll be at Market Street Grill for dinner. Yum yum!

For updates on my time at Alt, please check back in to the blog or follow BV on Twitter or Instagram!



ladaisi said...

I actually had never heard of Alt before this post - thanks so much for sharing! What an incredible company. Hope your flight and speech went perfectly, lady!

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Connie Omari said...

Hi! I hopey you had a fabulous presentation!

Mina said...

Thank you guys!! The presentation went so well!! Thanks for reading and for your support! xoxo!

Idea Interiors Mtl said...

I just discovered your blog via bloggers and am loving it!

Following for sure!

Elena from

Idea Interiors Mtl said...

Just discovered your blog via bloggers.
Am new to blogging but so excited about it!

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