Monday, January 7, 2013

Interiors Monday - 01.07.2013 - Rustic Warmth


ot sure if it's the fact that the bay area is a bit chilly today or what, but I'm definitely feeling a rustic warm look today. Nothing like wooden floors, big windows, lots of natural light and a nice fluffy blanket to make someone's morning. I'd add snow to that, but we live in Florida. No snow... ever. Oh well.

I do hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. We are finally moved in!!! Can I get a YayYayYay!!!!! I am so incredibly thrilled to finally be in our home. The journey of renovating officially started in March, after we'd gotten all of the permits and miscellaneous paperwork approved.  That debacle went on from like November '11 to March '12! Nightmare. But, it got done and the renovation could finally begin.  The house did not have any walls. The space was verrrrrrry dark and dingy. All the windows were boarded up, as was the fireplace. The bathroom had holes on the ground and cardboard box walls!! It was preeeettttty bad. So, what my hubby and contractor accomplished in 8 months of work, is outstanding. I am so very proud of him. 

He did all the hard stuff and then handed me the blank canvas to do with as I wished.  We are very happy with how its turned out. We still have work to do in the front garden and backyard. But, at least the inside is done. Some minor things are left... like painting some stuff and things like that. But, we can do all that with time. For now... it's home sweet home and we are so so excited! : ) I will have a complete house tour coming up for you soon.  We're still cleaning out the old place, so I've got my hands pretty full right now. Once things settle down and I can freshen up the place with some flowers and a ready camera... I will share it with you all. 

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday.


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Jacqueline said...

Can't wait for the house tour!