Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Looks Tuesday - 01.15.2013 - Most Popular Pin???


s a guest pinner for Alt Summit I took on the "What to Wear to Alt" board and had a ball doing it! Today I decided to feature the pin that got the most attention.  I'm hoping I see some folks pulling this bow bun off at the conference. I'll be so tempted to ask... "Where did you find that?? Pinterest?? Ohhh... innnnnteresting!!!"

Alt Summit starts next week and I cannot wait!! The fashion and hair will certainly be over.the.top FABULOUS! I just know it!! I attended in 2011 and felt like the most boring person alive! I'm trying to snaz it up a tad this year, but who knows? I'm not very daring with clothes. Not as much as I wish I could be. Give me a friend and cash and I can dress her to the nines! Tell me to do it for myself and I draw a blank. I would totally do this bun, but my hair isn't long enough.  I need to plan out my wardrobe asap!! Next Wednesday morning will be here before I know it and I will suddenly find myself on an airplane on the way to blogging conference heaven!

Are you going?? Yes? Well good! Be sure to find me and say hello! Heck! Why not attend my panel and join us?? We'll be speaking at 8:30 am on the very first day! Check out the schedule here.  Be sure to check out some tips on the Pinterest board!



Tiffy Diamond said...

I'm definitely trying this! Too amazingly cute. Mine will be more curly but hey whatevs :)


Mina said...

I think a curly bow would be super cuuuutttee!!!! : )