Monday, February 11, 2013

Interiors Monday - Concrete Heaven - 02.11.2013


ou know... some women's husbands get all excited about sports or about video games or about the latest gadget.  My hubby? He gets a gleam in his eye when you mention the word "concrete." I guess that comes with the territory when you're an Architect? Not sure. But, either way... "concrete" is the magic word if you want to get his undivided attention.  Maybe I need to do like "concrete" subliminal messages. Like... "I think you need to clean up that area over there ((concrete))... don't you? ((concrete)).  And perhaps you can also go to the mall with me ((concrete)) and buy me a whole new ((concrete)) wardrobe." Hey... it can't possibly hurt, right? : ) I know. I'm bad.

But, I give you this tid bit of info because I was super duper excited when working on today's post.  This gorgeous abode located in Buenos Aires, Argentina is all concrete! Even the ceiling!! How amazeeeeeee is that??? Of course, the first thing I did was tell the hubs I'd found a house I thought he'd love... "it's all concrete." Suddenly, he was glued next to me on the couch as we went through the images.  The smile on his face was so boyishly cute. I was a happy wife. : )

I like that they used the wood to break up the iciness of the concrete.  What do you think? Would you live in concrete heaven?? How about the climate in the house? Could it get too cold?? What about heated concrete floors??? Niiiiiice. Of course, I know no one that has those in their house. Which tells me they're probably crazy expensive.  Oh well... a girl can dream, right? 



Fran said...

I live on a concrete boat and the insulation is great x

Mina said...

Yes. You're right Fran. We live in an all concrete home and it's either pretty cool or it can get pretty warm.