Monday, December 16, 2013

Interiors Monday - A Dream Space & A Toddler Room Update! - 12.16.2013

Hello lovelies! Doesn't this space just make you swoon?? I don't know what I love more, the floors? No wait.  The simple, modern furnishings?? Hmnnn…. That fireplace?? Oh wow.  Or is it the natural light?  OMG… how about that crown molding and ceiling?? Drooool!! I just love everything about this space.  Everything!  So, I'm going to use it as my inspiration to get my week started.  I hope it inspires you as well. 

Hopefully everyone had a lovely weekend filled with love, joy, and lots of rest.  We spent Saturday celebrating my younger brother's post-grad degree graduation.  Verrrrry exciting!! It was a nice time with family and a proud moment for all of us, as he is the "baby".  Now… the smartest "baby" of the bunch! Very, very proud! I also took some time to continue working on lil' S's toddler room.  I know.  We're slow.  But, hey… we're just trying to do it right, that's all! Here are some updated pictures since we painted the wall…

We're moving that "S" and hanging it on the wall above lil' S's toddler bed.  The African hamper is being used to store toys and the chair was bought at a junk shop and re-laminated by the hubs before lil' S was born. : )

Now… here's a gem!! This will hang on her wall…

Here it is alllll lit up!

Isn't that outta control cute??? Love! Pun totally intended!

So, that's the toddler room update.  Soon there will be a full tour! Well…. probably early next year.  I want some time to work on the gallery wall. : )

I hope you guys have a beautiful day!


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