Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bohemian Wednesday - The Home of Charlsie Shine on Houzz - 04.23.2014

{all images by Mina Brinkey for Houzz}

Hello everyone! For today's Bohemian Wednesday column I want to share with you the home of Charlsie Shine.  I photographed her home (seen here) for Houzz and got to sit with Charlsie to interview her.  Please click here to read the entire interview and see the rest of the images!  This house instantly captivated me as soon as I walked in the door.  It's super colorful and vibrant and elegant and everything in between.  It's owner? An absolute doll! Such a joy to talk to. Really. Loved doing this house tour.

Her collection of buddhas and ethnic artifacts had me feeling like a kid in a candy shop! I kept telling her she totally needs to visit Thailand or some other Southeast Asian country! Really awesome. I hope you draw some inspiration from Charlsie's love of color and love of collections.  :)

Hoping you all had a wonderful Wednesday.  I'm so tired right now I can barely stay awake or feel my legs.  I was on my feet all day and then topped it off by going bowling with some girlfriends this evening.  Yea. Cause my legs needed even more standing up right? Whew! I'm beat! I will catch you guys tomorrow!



Primrose said...

Beautiful! Just bought somepaint and have been umming and ahhing about it but feeling a lot braver and a bit inspired now I've read thit....

Monnaie said...

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Monnaie Ernakulam said...

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